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What is Electric-Dry Needling?

Electro-Dry Needling Electro-Dry Needling is a modified form of dry needling which utilises an electro-stimulation unit connected via cables to fine filament needles. The combination of dry needling with electro-stimulation often prolongs the pain relief effect by blocking nerve pathways and preventing pain signals from travelling to the brain.


The frequency, intensity and mode of stimulation will vary depending on the reason for the treatment. Low Frequency/High-Intensity stimulation will typically be used with a frequency of 10Hz during Electro-Stimulation, which is optimal for targeting the motor fibres that are responsible for producing long-term pain relief. During your Electro-Dry Needling treatment, you may experience sensations of twitching, contractions, numbness or tingling in the area that is being treated.


The frequency and intensity are consistently monitored to avoid pain or discomfort. This method of treatment often results in relaxation and pain relief. Electro-Dry Needling is commonly used to treat Acute and Chronic Conditions such as: * Musculoskeletal Pain: Strains, Spasms, Cramps, Hypertonicity, Trigger Points * Tendinopathies and Joint Pathologies: Arthritis, Sprains, Disc Pathologies, Joint Restriction * Nerve Damage: Neuropathy, Radiculopathy, Post-Operative Pain




Duration - 60 Minutes

Electro-dry Needling Price List
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