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Crystal therapy 

Crystal therapy is a natural and holistic therapy that works in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. The power of the crystals works through the energy systems within our body. When our energies become stagnant, blocked, unbalanced it may cause problems. Crystals contain minerals and these minerals resonates within us too. Some contain iron, and the body needs iron to function. Some crystals contain silica, and the body contains silica. Crystals work by using vibrations, frequencies, formation of crystals, structures, colours and more to rebalance the body and bring about a general feeling of well-being, relaxation and healing. These crystals will help to balance and direct energy to where it is needed, supporting, and healing the body. 


Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or even emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness. Energy put into the body aims to help the flow of energy and remove blockages.


Crystal therapy works on rebalancing and unblocking the aura, chakras, meridian pathways, haric line and tan tiens which are the energy systems within the body. 


  • Aligns and balances the energy systems

  • Reduce stress/manage stress better

  • Improve physical and emotional well-being

  • Increase self-healing

  • Restore a healthy mind, and body connection

  • Boosts immune system

  • Provides a sense of calmness, peace and tranquility 

  • Releases stress and anxiety

  • Increases level of alertness and concentration

  • Eases mental tiredness

  • Eases digestive problems 

  • Helps with menstrual problems/women’s health

  • Fertility

  • Helps with menopause

  • Soothes aches and pains

  • Clears stagnant and imbalanced energies

  • Boosts energy

  • Improves sleep

  • Chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Mental clarity

  • Increases intuition and connection spiritually

  • Quietens the mind

  • Increase in spiritual development 

  • Cleanses and energies the mind, body and spirit

  • General wellnes

  • And many many more. 


What is crystal therapy?


Various crystals and minerals are placed on or around a fully clothed person to induce deep relaxation, release stress and pain, and promote energy balance within the physical and subtle bodies. The treatment takes around an hour and crystals may be used singly or in patterns. They are placed on sites of pain, on acupuncture points or meridians, or on subtle energy vortexes called chakras.


The aim of crystal healing is to restore wholeness, balance and health to emotions, mind and spirit as well as the physical body.


Crystal therapy is designed to give clients a relaxing experience, away from their usual life, that is similar to meditation. Clients often experience deep relaxation while the treatment is taking place, which boosts the immune system and makes the body function more efficiently, along with relieving stress.


Crystal healing therapy is also designed to help self-development, improve self-confidence, balance the mind, spirit and body, show the client their life path, boost creativity, help spiritual development, improve communication, and increase the client’s feeling of empowerment.


What to expect in a crystal healing session


Treatments will be tailored to you and will differ depending on the nature of your concern. Your treatment will begin with a consultation. This is when you speak with your crystal therapist about what’s brought you to them and what you’re hoping to achieve from your treatment. Your will be asked a number of questions; crystal healing is a holistic approach, meaning it looks at all aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and your treatment will be tailored to suit you with a full picture.


After the consultation has been completed, your therapist will know what approach will work best for you, which crystals to use, and how to place them. Your therapist will also check the quality of your energy by using a pendulum as this will confirm what to do and how to help you. You may be given the choice to either select a crystal or two of your choice, card shuffle or let your therapist decide for you. 


Once everything has been explained of what to do, you will be made comfortable and asked to lie down (fully clothed) on a massage couch with bolsters/pillows for support, and a blanket to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. 


When you are relaxed with your eyes closed, entering into your own world, your therapist will begin placing crystals on and around your body. Sometimes the therapist will use a dowsing pendulum to help them determine where the crystals should go.


The crystals will be left in place for a certain amount of time (this will depend on your circumstances but can be anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour). During this time you are encouraged to breathe deeply and simply relax. Your therapist may add or remove crystals during the session, or even include colour crystal infusion therapy depending on what is needed. 


Some people report feeling sensations (a warming/cooling sensation, or tingle), you may see colours, images, numbers, memories, and have body twitches. You may even fall asleep! Some people might not feel anything, but don’t worry, you are still benefiting from the treatment. 


When the session is over, your aura will be soothed and your therapist will place their hands onto your feet to help with you coming back to earth and grounded. It is allowing you time to come back round. Once the crystals are all removed, they will be placed on a table ready to explain what was used, where it was used, where it was placed and why you needed it. All information will be put onto a piece of paper for your own records to take away with you. 


Once everything has been removed, you will be guided to be grounded and be given a glass of water to help with grounding. You will become aware of your surroundings and physical sensations again. 


Your crystal therapist will go through everything with you with their findings and experience, you will have your feedback. Aftercare will be given. 

What are the techniques used in crystal therapy? 


There are many different types of techniques used in crystal healing therapy. You won’t have them all in 1 go as that would be too much. Your crystal therapist will determine what is best for you to help you in the best way possible. 


Aura Depreciations 

Aura Healing

Cord Extractions

Chakra Balancing of the 12 chakras. 

Star of David

Neurological Balance

12 Point Grid

Vital Organ Meridian Healing

Haric Line and Tan Tiens

Selenite Healing of Yin and Yang Meridian System

Hand Reflex Zone Meridian Healing

Colour Infused Crystal Healing Therapy


Crystal Therapy Price List

Crystal Therapy


Duration 60 minutes

Crysta: Price List Therapy
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