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Aftercare Advice

Here are my aftercare recommendations:- 

After having a massage treatment, it is best to relax, drink plenty of water as this will help keep you hydrated and flush away toxins within the body. Do not exercise for at least 24 hours after your massage. If you need to exercise/train, please do not go 100%. Gentle active recovery is fine. 

IF you feel a bit sore for the following days after your massage, please stretch out safely. If you are unsure of which stretches, I can give you some. I will go through this with you at the end of your treatment. Have a nice hot bath or an epsom salt bath. Keep yourself hydrated. 

Facial aftercare advice: After having a facial, please do not apply make up for at least 12 hours post facial. If you did want to apply make up, natural mineral make up is absolutely fine. Do not regularly touch your face with dirty hands. Carry on with your skincare and recommendations on products/routine.

Lashlift: After having a lashlift you can enjoy looking at your lashes and can also put mascara on. You can shower, swim as normal. To remove make up, use oil free make up remover. 

Lash Extensions: After having lash extensions, do not pull out the lashes as this will also pull out your natural lashes as well. Comb your lashes as often as you do with hair. Lashes also get tangled up or look like spider legs. Use oil free make up remover. Avoid swimming. Come back in 2 weeks for infills.

Nails: After any nail appointment, do not use your nails as tools to open things as this will chip, break your nails. If gels/acrylic are on, do not pull of the nail as your natural nail will become much weaker. When washing up, use gloves. Apply cuticle oil daily to the cuticle area. If polish, apply top coat a week after as this will help prolong the nail. Use hand cream. Do not bite your nails.

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