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Special Offer  Pamper Packages

Pamper packages are bespoke & unique to you. Pamper packages make great gifts for your loved ones. Not sure on which one to choose, please contact me for the best package.

Sports Muscle Soothing Packages

Sports Muscle Soothing packages I have put together are prescriptive & specialised deep massages aimed at promoting faster healing strained muscles, alleviate pain, improving the circulation of blood, improving lymphatic drainage, break up fibrosis that binds or glues one muscle fibre to another, relaxes muscle spasms.


These 4 unique packages will help in restore & replenish your body back on a high level. Using this distinctive, unique approach of using a variety of combinations of deep pressure, heat & techniques will help with relieving tension, stiffness & muscle spasms, as well as increasing joint flexibility & range of motion. Focusing on specific points with specialised combined techniques bespoke to you to revive and replenish your body.

Sports Massage

Package 1. Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Massage

Package 2. Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage & Warm Bamboo Massage

Package 3. Sports Massage & Thai Massage

Package 4. Sports Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage & Lava Shell Massage


Treatment Durations for Packages 1 & 2:-

60 minutes Back or Legs Massage for £55

90 minutes Back & Legs Massage for £75

120 minutes Full Body Massage for £85

Treatment Duration for Package 3:-

90 minutes for Back or Legs Massage for £80

120 minutes for Back & Legs Massage for £90

150 minutes for Full Body Massage for £110

Treatment Duration for Package 4:-

60 minutes Back or Legs Massage for £70

90 minutes for Back & Legs Massage for £80

120 minutes for Full Body massage for £95

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

This luxurious nourishing, skin glowing, muscle soothing, de-stressing massage with pure organic coconut oil sending you onto paradise island with a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage combined with muscle-soothing warmth & silkiness of the Lava Shells will melt the stresses, pain & tension away.


Treatment Duration:-

90 minutes for £90

120 minutes for £110

Lava Shell Total Bliss

Lava Shell Total Bliss Massage is a luxurious, blissful, full-body relaxation, muscle-soothing massage with the added benefit of heat & with a radiance-boosting Lava Shell Therma Facial encouraging nutrients penetrating into the skin. This will result in comfort, a natural glow &  leaving you on cloud 9.


Treatment Duration:-

150 minutes for £135

Warm Bamboo Relieve & Beautify

Warm Bamboo Relieve & Beautify starts with a full body deep tissue massage with smooth heated bamboo sticks concentrating on relaxing tight muscles instantly. This treatment has an effective way with the heated bamboo sticks to loosen & stretch the muscles, relieving tension and many other benefits. The warming sensation from the bamboo sticks glide over the body which slows down respiration to evoke a deeper relaxation to relieve stress, tension & release endorphins to promote relaxation, reduce pain, leaving you feeling energised & full of vitality.


Finishing off with the Warm Bamboo Beautifying Facial which rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the skin, increase circulation to aid in cell renewal. Warm bamboo facial will help eliminate fine facial lines by increasing skin suppleness & melt away even the most deep-seated tension. A truly indulgent, luxurious facial.


Treatment Duration:-

150 minutes for £125

Mother to be Pamper Package

This Mother-To-Be Pamper Package is designed for the fabulous Mum's to Be! Indulge yourself in this nurturing, muscle soothing Lava Mama Pregnancy Massage using Pure Organic Coconut Oil & the silky smooth lava shells which is unique!  This blissful combination of relaxation & stimulation to ease away aches & pains, particularly focusing on the back, hips & legs as the pregnancy progresses.  This beautiful nurturing mum to be treatment aims to improve energy levels, assisting circulation & alleviating puffiness & fluid build-up particularly in the legs & ankles. This ingenious combination of gentle but effective warmth & cold assists with pain relief & reduces muscle spasm in over-worked muscles. This specially developed massage effectively supports the mum-to-be throughout the crucial stages of her pregnancy & the miraculous changed to her body.

After your nurturing & muscle soothing full body massage, your journey will progress into a relaxing facial. 


Lava Mama Pregnancy Massage is suitable from the second trimester & during the post-natal period.

Treatment Duration:-

120 minutes for £110




If you need to cancel, reschedule or amend your treatment duration please do let me know with at least 24 hours notice prior to your appointment time. If cancelled, rescheduled or amended with less than 24 hours notice prior to your appointment time, you will be charged the full cost of the treatment. If you book an appointment and do not turn up to it, you will be charged the full cost of the treatment & will require full payment at time of booking. This will also be non refunded to the conditions mentioned above. These appointments would have helped another person.

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