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Neck Treatment


Manual Therapy & Joint Mobilisations is a specialised form of treatment comprising a continuum of skilled passive movements to the spine & joint complex that are applied at varying speeds & amplitudes with the intent to restore optimal motion, function & /or reduce pain & stiffness.

The type of mobilisation used will depend on the severity, irritability & nature of the spinal/joint pain. The mobilisations create movement within the joints of the spine which reduces stiffness & makes movement easier. The increased ease of movement also reduces pain. 

Who will benefit from manual therapy & joint mobilisations? Anyone who generally has mechanical pain, joint pain, joint stiffness, arthritis, surgery, returning to chosen sport/activity will benefit from the Maitland & Mulligan techniques.

These techniques may be used on your sports therapy/sports massage treatment.

Laura was recommended to me by a friend as I have been suffering from a shoulder injury I received playing rugby when I was 20 (i'm now 27). Despite doctor and physio visits, the injury has never fully healed and it has stopped me from being able to complete a full rugby season since. Laura preformed a full assessment of my range of movement, pain levels during different activities and other tests and quickly identified the cause of the problem. Through a mixture of exercises, manipulations and sports massage I am now pain free and looking forward to an injury free future. Laura has been fantastic throughout my treatment. Thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, explains everything in understandable terms and has a great personality I have to rate Laura's services as easily 5 star. Thanks Laura.

Noel Perkins

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